How to get a free vehicle skin in Warzone for the Subterranean Signal quest

13 January

To claim reward you must have an accounts at PawnTakesPawn and Call of Duty.

How to claim reward?

Go to the Subterranean Signal quest page. There you will see a table for entering code words:

Subterranean Signal quest page
Subterranean Signal quest page

Next, from left to right, enter:

  • Checkpoint → Cooldown
  • Loadout → Cloudbounce
  • Sidequest → Killscreen

After you have entered the codes, you will be redirect to a page with a message that the quest has been successfully completed.

Next go to reward page and copy REDEEM code. The code must be entered on gift code activation page.


Epic vehicle skin - Mako
Epic vehicle skin - Mako


If you did everything correctly, the next time you enter the game the new items should be in your inventory.

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