Warzone: How to find Rebirth Island bunker code

14 December

The easter egg is one of the most difficult in Warzone: you have no time, you will be bothered by other players, and once you open the bunker — campers immediately will try to take honest reward.

Entrance to the bunker on Rebirth Island
Entrance to the bunker on Rebirth Island

Also quest may help you to win the regular game.

Along with the blueprint bunker contains various bonuses: «Specialist bonus» that gives all perks, a «Foresight» killstreak and durable gas masks.

Quest summary

You need to find the briefcase with the photos in 1 of 13 possible locations on Rebirth Island.

Near the briefcase you will find 3 photos that point to the 3 locations on the Rebirth Island where access code pieces will be hidden. You need to find them.

Once the code is collected, you need to proceed to the bunker and enter 3 parts of the access code in the correct order. Inside the bunker you will find strikes, perks and a weapon skin.

What else i need to know?

  • It's quite difficult to pass the quest alone, but it's possible
  • Find a weapon with a scope, often the codes are located in hard-to-reach places and a telescopic sight will help you see them.

Looking for briefcase

Each game the briefcase appears randomly at 1 of the 13 possible locations on Rebirth Island.

Quest briefcase with photos
Quest briefcase with photos

All briefcases are located outside and are easily visible from the helicopter, with the exception of B11. An individual teammate can be sent to this briefcase.

Possible briefcase locations

The fastest way to check all the briefcases is to take a helicopter and fly along the coast over every briefcase that comes up, starting at B1 or B4.

Tip: at the last second of training before the fight, the briefcase may appear and disappear a second later. The bug is related to the sweeping mechanism before starting the map.

Briefcase contents

There are always 3 cards next to the briefcase. The total number of possible cards is 26. Each card shows the location where the code is hidden.

Photocards locations map

When you get the cards, compare the photos with a map to understand the approximate location of the code, then move as quickly as possible to it.

Looking for the code

It's not enough to find the place from the photo to find the code from the bunker. Each code is securely hidden in a hard-to-reach place.

Click on the cards you found/select the cards you found from this list and in the next section there will be a more detailed photo of the location.

If you hover over the photo, you will see an even more specific code location circled in a green rectangle.

The Code

The code contains 8 digits divided into 3 parts. You have to figure out which code is the begin/middle/end, this is the easiest part:




When all parts of the access code are found you need to find the bunker. On the map it is highlighted in a separate tab — Bunker Door and marked by the code D1.

Beware of campers

There is a high probability that at the moment of opening the bunker campers will be waiting for you ready to destroy your squad and take your honest loot.

Your farewell words to the campers
Your farewell words to the campers

Therefore, before opening the bunker, it is best to clean the whole house: check the roof, the first/second floor, the basement. Ideally, check the neighboring houses.

The Loot

Inside the bunker you will find:

  • Specialist Bonus (all perks)
  • Durable Gas Mask (circle defence)
  • Foresight killstreak (gives prediction of gas movement)

...and Black Ops SMG — Milano 821 (Red Room):

Silent Black Ops SMG — Milano 821
Silent Black Ops SMG — Milano 821

The weapon can be picked up by one person, after which it will available for all mates in the team.


Now you understand why the quest can be considered one of the most difficult in Warzone 🙂

Its accomplishment can be greatly simplified by intelligently assigning tasks (capturing helicopters, checking suitcases, distributing cards, etc.) to your teammates.

Have patience, reliable friends, and you will succeed!

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